Look at the Stars, Look How They Shine

Believe it or not, but being outside on a cold, moonless, starry night has a way of changing your perspective.

The stars are shining for Hilltop

A group of us at the Hilltop Retreat were sitting underneath the stars in the mountains above Banner Elk when we realized that we were witnessing something more powerful than a bonding moment in the good ol’ out-of-doors. Something bigger than a passing glance at mother nature. Something more real than a chance encounter with a shooting star. Perhaps it was the frigid air. Or maybe it was just being away from the city lights. Whatever it was, it was real. And to be honest, it opened up some interesting personal questions. Does my life have meaning? How could I ever hope to accomplish anything in this world when the universe seems so boundless? Am I just another cog in a machine that is so vast that at times seems incomprehensible? Is my light shining bright now but sure to fade over time? Regardless, the more I stared at the unending canvas, the more I knew that God was close by. Every star had a twinkle that spoke directly to my soul. It was a moment that let me know that I am a creature woven into the fabric of life by a magnificent creator. If God could create a masterpiece such as this, who knows what God is going to create in me!

So in this season of reflection, I am offering up songs of praise to the God who is both incredibly transcendent and irresistibly imminent. May God’s light always shine bright from within your soul.

About Parson Carson

I am a husband, father, United Methodist pastor, Wolfpack fan, and outdoor enthusiast who loves meeting new people and hearing their stories... All while trying my best to love God and love others!
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2 Responses to Look at the Stars, Look How They Shine

  1. Nancy Carson says:

    The mountain top where you grew up also sparked your interest in God’s magnificent tapestry. You were a toddler, less than two years old, when the bright orange autumn moon rising on the horizon caught your attention. At first you were afraid and you wanted to run and hide. Your introduction to a concept that was hard to grasp, opened the door for my explaination; “God made the moon and God made you!” Your eyes were opened to the magnitude of God’s creation at this very young age and God’s light continues to shine bright from within your soul… that my dear son is a blessing indeed!!!!!!!!!

  2. Elizabeth says:

    Very inspiring. I’ve been a Christian a long time, but I have never thought about the universe in that sense. You are very wise for your age. Love you.

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