Touchdown Jesus: Or Why God Doesn’t Care About The Denver Broncos

So let me get this straight.  Tim Tebow is a Christian.  He is very vocal about his faith.  He prays to God before, during, and after his games.  He gives God credit for touchdowns and victories.  And therefore God is rewarding him (and his team?) by assisting in one amazing play after another?  Even allowing the helpless Broncos to defeat the mighty Steelers?  Surely there is justice in the world!  But what happens when the Broncos lose?  Are there no Christians on the Steelers?  Are they not praying to the same God that Tebow prays to?


Hear me out on this.  I like Tim Tebow.  I love the fact that he seeks to put God first in his life (isn’t this what the Bible tells us to do?).  I love that he has a heart for world missions (we could learn something from him on this).  I love that he deflects attention away from himself after games.  I love that he finds time to visit sick kids in the hospital during the season.  I love that he remains humble even though his jersey is one of the best selling in the NFL.  But does all this mean that God is helping Tebow and the Broncos win football games? Give me a break.

Look, I get it.  The guy wins games.  Sometimes he wins games in the most unlikely way possible.  Some might even say “miraculous.”  He’s clutch.  He’s a fierce competitor and a winner.  But it doesn’t change the fact that 8,000 people will die today from Malaria, a disease that is preventable and treatable.  There are more people enslaved in our world today than at any point in history.  16,000 children will die today from starvation.  And God cares about a football game?

Let me be clear.  I do believe that God is active in our world.  I see signs of it every day.  Lost people find their way to God.  Broken people are restored into God’s image.  Orphans realize that they are children of God.  Hopeless people find peace and hope in God’s kingdom.  A kingdom where Christ is presently reigning.  A kingdom where justice prevails and the oppressed are set free.  A kingdom with a football field?  I’m not convinced.

About Parson Carson

I am a husband, father, United Methodist pastor, Wolfpack fan, and outdoor enthusiast who loves meeting new people and hearing their stories... All while trying my best to love God and love others!
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13 Responses to Touchdown Jesus: Or Why God Doesn’t Care About The Denver Broncos

  1. says:

    Amen! Thank you! 🙂

  2. john says:

    Not sure God cares about a football game but it’s not out of the realm of possibility that God might choose to show favor on a man who so openly directs all glory to God.

    Tebow uses his platform to share Jesus. To me, that is the big story here.

    • No doubt. I would hope and pray that I would be as humble as Tebow if given a similar platform. I think his humility is what impresses me the most. A breath of fresh air in the NFL really.

  3. Aaron Wymer says:

    Hey Ben,

    Excellent post. As a Gator and a Christian I’m a big fan of Timmy. I’ve noticed that he helps his team win by the way he seems (to this outsider, at least) to outwork people when he *isn’t* in a game. He’s a leader who inspires his team to practice and play hard and selflessly. He brought that to the Gators the minute he stepped onto campus. That brings rewards, but not always championships. His leadership ability seems to be rooted in his faith. This isn’t magic and I don’t believe it’s the unseen hand of God at work during a game.

    I sure enjoy watching him as he continues to work to develop into the NFL quarterback he wants to be. I know this, I sure miss his influence with the Gators.

    Keep up the good posts, Ben.

    • Thanks Aaron! The guy works his butt off, that’s for sure. I suppose that’s why Elway took a chance on him in the first round when all the experts scoffed. Well, never mind, the experts are still scoffing.

  4. Kris says:

    Do I believe that God is winning these games…probably not…although there could be some divine intervention only God knows the plan. But what I do believe is the Tim has a bigger voice and platform than most of us will ever be given in this human life. I say “Halleujah! Amen!” to how Tim is using that voice and platform for if just one man, woman or child comes to know Jesus through Tim’s example then a game bigger than football has been won for the Kingdom of God.

  5. Nancy Carson says:

    Ditto to what John and Kris said! Why don’t I ever get a comment from you like they do???? I think it is just “Godincidences”. Check out Jordan Morris’ FB post today and read the comments if you have time.

  6. Justin Hornback says:

    I agree with most of what you have said in your blog. The thing for me about Tebow is that he is a public figure absolutely sold out to his relationship with the Lord and never ‘dumbs it down’. People have actually told me that they find him annoying because he gets mic’d up and sings praise songs in his teammates ears during warm ups. But his teammates love him, they don’t seem to be annoyed.There are Christians on other teams but Tebow praises the Lord with every breath, something we rarely see with anyone. So might God reveal his Glory through someone who is committed while the world watches? Maybe? Tebow threw for 316 with an average of 31.6 per toss. Google reported that millions of John 3:16 inquiries have flooded their engine within the last 24 hrs. Is there another point in history where an event has resulted in millions of peopole being subjected to the thesis statement of the Truth?

    • Hey Justin, thanks for your thoughts! I continue to be amazed at how humble Tebow is and how willing he is to praise the Lord. I have no doubt that God, in his sovereignty, can use this for his glory. And as you say, perhaps it’s already happening. May it be so!

  7. Justin Hornback says:

    I really respect the path you have chosen Ben, out of all the guys from the county you are really standing out from my perspective; the comment ‘may it be so’ demonstrates for me the awareness of a man educated, in pursuit, and in awe of the Kingdom, keep doing what you’re doing man! 2 Peter 1

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