Something Has to Change

As I was reading Pastor Mack’s comments on Back to Zero by Gil Rendle, I was reminded of something I read a few weeks ago.  In the back of David Kinnaman’s book You Lost Me, he gives 50 ideas to find a new generation.  One such idea is from Ken and Deborah Loyd, which is worth quoting in its entirety:

What if we older, more established church leaders who hold the authority, property, money, and other church resources were to hunt down eclectic, somewhat ragtag, young women and men, and give our power and stuff to them with the instruction, “We choose you precisely because you are not like us. Here is your charge: Go after those who are seeking God.  Do not copy our ways. Do not do what we have done.  Innovate. Try. Fail. Succeed. Forge a new path. Build new kinds of churches and communities.  Show us a new world founded on love, not doctrine.  We will help and give advice only when asked. Now get on with your task. We are with you!

The probable result? Some losses and many wins.  The biggest winners will be the young adults who would otherwise be left out of and leaving our traditional churches-not because of any distaste for Jesus but because we’re just plain out of touch.

As we move into a new, uncertain future, some things are going to have to change.  If our current churches (and denominations) are failing to reach people, we should try something different, yeah?  Is this the answer?

About Parson Carson

I am a husband, father, United Methodist pastor, Wolfpack fan, and outdoor enthusiast who loves meeting new people and hearing their stories... All while trying my best to love God and love others!
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1 Response to Something Has to Change

  1. pastormack says:

    I was visiting a pastor in my hometown today, just a drop-in to say “hello” and when I entered the secretary was talking to two middle-aged men. They left me there without acknowledging me for a good 6 minutes or so before anyone even looked me in the eye.

    I think this experience is indicative of how young adults are looked upon – or not – by many United Methodist congregations. Thank you for your thoughts! I have to check out You Lost Me, I keep hearing great things. Peace.

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