Jordan River and Jericho

Today was highlighted by a visit to the Jordan River. The spot we visited is traditionally viewed as the place where Jesus was baptized (Matthew 3) and close to the spot where Israel crossed upon their entry into Canaan (Joshua 3). This was a holy moment for me as our team gathered and sang Amazing Grace, read Matthew 3, and had a ceremony to remember our baptism. We were then able to touch the Jordan River as many pilgrims before us have done.

After leaving the Jordan, we travelled to Jericho which was a short 10 minute drive away. This city, which claims to be the worlds oldest, is perhaps best known for Joshua and his army bringing down the walls of Jericho in Joshua 6. But the city was also the place Jesus travelled just before entering Jerusalem for the last time where he met Zacchaeus (Luke 19).

Overall the weather was much more pleasant today with the only rain coming during the afternoon. However, this did prevent us from being able to swim in the Dead Sea. Tomorrow we will be in Jerusalem and visit the Upper Room!





About Parson Carson

I am a husband, father, United Methodist pastor, Wolfpack fan, and outdoor enthusiast who loves meeting new people and hearing their stories... All while trying my best to love God and love others!
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1 Response to Jordan River and Jericho

  1. Nancy Carson says:

    Did you climb the sycamore tree or sing,” Zacchaeus was a wee little man?” Continue to enjoy, as my prayers continue and keep the updates coming. I love you!

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